but not right now
for days you just wish it was the first of jan
Nursery Tales to Raise a Comrade
How a balloon became India's Prime Minister
and other urgent questions
Or the tree that never falls
Back when I used to write poems on love
ways the world will be a better place in the future (or so they'd have you believe if you're not paying attention)
How are you? I’m Raghav, nice to meet you. So my full name’s a little on the nose, but I hope you won’t judge me for it? I’m Bislleri presents Raghav…
and the tragedy that followed
So last week flew by very fast, even by the standards this year has set. Couldn't get myself to write anything worth sharing. So please enjoy this…
You're born. The world is two people, maybe four, and they all come stuffed in a warm fuzzy home. There's not much to be done for joy. Poop your pants…